Mode Depesche

A Fanzine for Fashion Lovers.

Mode Depesche presents fashion in the form of stories, either in a literary or in an anecdotal style, using pictures and photos to capture the many different aspects of the fashion world. Readers can enjoy a fashion-philosophical magazine whose contents can be understood and reflected on, independent of one’s prior knowledge of fashion. The magazine deals with themes that go far beyond insights such as red being the new black and the mini skirt undergoing a revival. Fashion has a lot more to tell and has much deeper functions.

Mode Depesche does away with the banality of the fashion canon and instead asks for identity, personality and societal images in fashion. It initiates a dialogue with those who are interested in clearly defining their fashion and in giving it a strong and individual look. The fanzine format is an ideal platform because it is free to talk about fashion beyond commercialisation and to present the topic as something close to our hearts. Hence, Mode Depesche provides its readers with a differentiated and multi-facetted perspective on the fascinating theme of fashion.

Mode Depesche was founded by Florian Lambl in cooperation with Andreas Hoyer and Andy Scherpereel. As art director, Florian Lambl has designed each issue of Mode Depesche and the layout was implemented by Lambl/Homburger. Mode Depesche has received several Lead Awards.

Mode Depesche – No. 8 Mode Depesche – No. 8
Mode Depesche – No. 7 Mode Depesche – No. 7
Mode Depesche – No. 6 Mode Depesche – No. 6
Mode Depesche – No. 5 Mode Depesche – No. 5
Mode Despesche – Nr. 9 Mode Despesche – Nr. 9