European Kunsthalle

The European Kunsthalle was initiated in 2005 by the Das Loch e.V. organisation, which is now the European Society for Contemporary Art. The aim was to mirror the concepts and potentials of the ‘Kunsthalle’ model, to put it into perspective and to develop it. As a discursive platform without a physical location of its own, the European Kunsthalle has, in its two-year founding period under the direction of Nicolaus Schafhausen and Vanessa Joan Müller, developed its own approach to institutional practice.

The current activities of the European Kunsthalle focus more vigorously than ever before on decentralised projects as well as a collaborative structure. As an institution without a permanent site, the European Kunsthalle is targeting overall performative presence: it exists in the very places where its projects are happening.

Lambl / Homburger have developed the corporate design for European Kunsthalle and, since 2005, have provided design and consulting services for all communication measures.

European Kunsthalle – Online now! European Kunsthalle – Online now!
European Kunsthalle European Kunsthalle