Authentics creates simple, functional and industrially produced products for everyday use. Intelligent product development, the use of both state-of-the-art materials and new production technologies mark the company’s special expertise. In close cooperation with internationally renowned designers, Authentics creates practical and beautiful products for travel, living and work. Since 1981, the company has been cooperating with designers in drawing out the typical characteristics of products because it’s the typical that creates authenticity. This creative dialogue results in contemporary and often prize-winning design that is self-evident, spirited and authentic. Authentics is a Flötotto company.

In 2013, Lambl / Homburger were commissioned to redesign the corporate identity of Authentics. As the lead agency, we are responsible for the company’s new photographic language, we oversee all shootings, the design of exhibition stands and publications and we provide consulting services on developing the collection.

Authentics – Gesamtkatalog 2013 Authentics – Gesamtkatalog 2013
Authentics – Entrance 2013 Authentics – Entrance 2013
Authentics – Neiheiten 2013 Authentics – Neiheiten 2013