+F Vol#1 – Features on cultural techniques

“Outstanding products always arise from a discourse with architects, designers and engineers and with the people who live with our furniture. We now show our furniture in context and go beyond mere surface”, states CEO Frederik Flötotto when explaining the idea behind the +F platform. And: “Apart from the magazine, we want to turn +F into an open forum for the exchange of thoughts and ideas on architecture, interior design and society.”  +F is an extraordinary example of corporate publishing because it doesn’t just try to use cultural aspects to reflect on the FLÖTOTTO brand: rather it documents the most interesting facets of the company’s commitment. The resulting broad spectrum of themes provides food for thought, for considering and communicating cultural phenomena from a new perspective: in a unique, honest, exciting and entertaining way. +F shows the work of an ambitious group of people who want to push things forward.


+F is a cutting-edge reference brochure. Designed as a magazine with a coherent visual language, +F is courageous, narrative and delivers an overall cultural view that uncompromisingly engages with the activities of Flötotto and reaches out to a new audience. +F was conceived and produced by Lambl / Homburger including editorial work, art direction, photo editing and layout.

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