Lambl / Homburger is a Berlin based agency designing communication, art directing brands and magazines, consulting the industry and creating high valuable graphic products. We combine strategic, substantial and creative competence to establish distinctive visual identities for various brands.

We work with a small team of employees and cooperate with a large international network of architects, designers, photographers, artists and editors. Our studio´s multidisciplinary and flexible approach guarantees a unique creative team suited for each of our clients and their demands in the development of their individual projects.

Florian Lambl and Birgitta Homburger have won more than 50 national and international prizes and have been teaching at HEAD in Geneva as well as the University of Arts (UDK) Berlin. Since 2006 they collaborate with great success – their projects benefit from their experience, know-how and passion for creating identities and communication.

Since 2009 Florian Lambl is also responsible as artistic director oft he Italian manufacturer MATTIAZZI, together with designer Nitzan Cohen.